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Dell Software Asset Management (SAM)

Save time and money with this software license optimization and compliance solution

Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliance provides you with the inventory, asset management and reporting capabilities necessary to make software asset management (SAM), software license optimization, and compliance an easy-to-obtain reality.

Being unaware of what software is installed and being used within your organization can result in multiple layers of exposure, both fiscally and from the standpoint of overall network security and control. Managing installed software against license agreements and being aware of unauthorized programs, including games and peer-to-peer programs, is critical to protecting your organization from financial loss and possible litigation risks.

The K1000 Management Appliance can save your organization money through pragmatic SAM with optimal utilization of purchased licenses and license harvesting, while addressing the need for proof of compliance through comprehensive reporting. Knowledge of what software is installed and who is using it also helps you address software lifecycle management and migration issues, and more effectively perform patch management for maximum security.

Software Metering with the K1000
Software Metering with the K1000

Software catalog

Software catalog allows deep cataloguing with the integration of the K1000 and the Dell Application Catalog (DAC), a cloud service featuring more than 110 million unique software executables that is updated daily, to provide a deep interrogation of all software assets on your network. Automatically map minor versions up to the parent package to enable tracking of the licensing and usage across major versions. Discern whether an application has been installed in a standalone mode or as part of a greater software suite.

Software inventory

Software inventory includes autodiscovery of software across the network and a comprehensive, realtime view showing which applications are installed on which systems. Gather detailed software inventory information for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Establish agentless device discovery for comprehensive device inventory. Simplify administration with an easy-touse web interface.

Software blacklisting

Software blacklisting allows you to restrict software that may pose security threats or result in productivity loss. Allow your organization to tightly monitor and control software installed and used on your systems. Ensure that blacklisted software is not installed on any system. Provide organizational confidence of compliance.

Asset management

Asset management allows the assignment and reconciliation of software licenses against auto-discovered software, to ensure your organization stays within license agreement terms. Audit any software title or digital asset and their configurations. Track complete software asset history, including changes over time. Ensure compliance with metering of software licenses and contracts. Manage service and financial impact of asset data, and provide role-based access.

Software distribution

Software distribution lets you centralize deployment or removal of applications, streamlining license compliance. This includes administration, installation and distribution of any application or digital asset to Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Schedule distributions and updates for groups of machines at convenient times. Integrate real-time Active Directory and/or LDAP group deployments. Enable software metering for license harvesting to reallocate or retire unused licenses.

Reporting and dashboards

Reporting and dashboards provide comprehensive capabilities that help identify and address potential problems and provide proof of compliance in the event of audits. Generate both routine and ad-hoc reports with flexible, wizardbased reporting tools. Reconcile assets with financial data to ensure contract compliance. Obtain quick insight into key management metrics. Leverage more than 90 pre-configured reports and support for third-party ODBC compliant reporting tools.


Alerts encompass an important informational aspect of software license compliance and lifecycle management. Enable user-configurable email alerts for asset changes, compliance policy violations and expiring maintenance, warranty and service contracts. Create individual email alerts or service desk notifications to automatically generate trouble tickets.