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Dell Systems Deployment

Improve provisioning consistency and reliability with a centralized, integrated approach

Make systems provisioning, image storage and management easier with access to the Dell KACE K2000 Systems Management Appliance centralized deployment library – the repository of all system and software deployment assets, including images, network installations, drivers, applications and scripts. Enhance provisioning consistency and reliability by ensuring the correct image or setup is always deployed to the appropriate system. All images are captured and archived to provide an accurate, comprehensive view, often eliminating the need for removable media, such as CDs and DVDs.

Centralized, unattended deployment

Reduce the time and effort required for deployment, and eliminate the need for boot and image disks  ̶  even for bare-metal build outs. Provision all stored images over the network from the centralized library. Assembled deployment packages can be remotely deployed to any network connected system from the administrative console, or locally from a boot menu generated by the K2000.

Windows driver library

Save time finding the correct drivers for hardware and operating systems. The driver detection process verifies driver compatibility with designated operating system installations. Easily add and remove driver files to the driver library. Quickly upload all drivers of any known valid system on your network to the K2000.

Windows user state management

Ensure smoother OS migrations and computer upgrades by centrally capturing, storing and deploying user-specific settings and files. Reduce the risk of losing valuable information during deployments by designating a user state to be deployed alongside an image or network OS install. Cut the costs associated with a deployment by minimizing end-user downtime, and eliminate the need to ask users to back up and restore their files and settings before an OS or computer migration.

Virtual Remote Appliance

Seamlessly extend to remote sites. Easily stage images and network OS installations and their related assets (such as drivers, applications and scripts) at remote sites. Reduce network impact and maintenance tasks by automatically updating assets remotely via the smart synchronization of changes only.

USB and CD support

Easily boot remote systems locally to the KACE boot environment (KBE) on a USB drive or from a CD, and then connect to the centralized K2000 for access to the full deployment library. It’s a convenient option for smaller sites when a K2000 Virtual Remote Appliance isn’t practical. Gain the ability to include a K-image along with KBE in a USB drive for a fully standalone installation when lacking a reliable internet connection.

Automated deployment configuration

Take advantage of complete remote configuration for pre- and post–deployment tasks. Reduce costs and increase provisioning reliability and control by automating the full deployment life cycle. Create your own pre- and post-installation tasks, or take advantage of convenient, built-in tasks.

Pre-installation tasks

Streamline the activity necessary to prepare a machine for an OS deployment with pre-installation tasks (including integration with K-imaging and network OS installation). Add defined, pre- and post- installation tasks to any K-image or network OS installation, and save time by easily re-using tasks that have been created to customize deployments. Quickly add or remove tasks from any deployment using the intuitive K2000 drag-and-drop interface.

Post-installation tasks

Help ensure the best practices for thin images with a full-featured set of post-installation tasks. Avoid having to create different images (fat images) for different software configurations, as well as the associated higher costs of image maintenance. Benefit from post-installation tasks that include sysprep automation, domain joining and service pack, application and script deployment.